This is what Catie said in the FOAR ANT FUM BOXXY video.

Okay hi you guys, um okay, so my name is Boxxy. Um and I love a lot of people and so I decided that I was going to make videos for people and the first one was for my friend Admiral Awesome and now this one is for Ant! It’s not his Gaia name but he told me to call it Ant so *weird noise* it’s gonna be on his profile I’m sure, well maybe it won’t be so I’ll feel awkward if it isn’t, but you know, anyways.
Ummmmmmm, I have been friends with him for a while, I guess, um, not a very long time but a-a long enough time, and uh I think he was the first guy that i ever met on Gaia in my account and ummm, what else can I say about this wonderful guy?
He’s pretty interesting I’d say because he… just is and if you can take my word on it then you’re dumb. Anyways. Umm, he has a girlfriend. Oh my god I’m so excited! *excited noise* because between you and me he had the biggest crush on Pocky for like ever. They even like had like a thing going for a little while but it kinda ended I guess and I didn’t know it ended but it ended.
And um so now he has a girlfriend and I’m so happy for them. It’s like mmmwahh it makes it yyyewhhh, it’s so exciting.
And umm, oh my goodness okay and uh, he… has really interesting avatars… they’re always wearing skirts and stuff and um yeah.
Oh! He was on 4chan with the clan of like, um, Ant and umm um Waffle and uh 4ddi and Vigo Suave, I think, I dunno and Tiago Costa I’m sure.
And I don’t really know Tiago Costa so you know, don’t kill me, please Tiago, if you, like, you know… want to, please don’t. Cause I love you. You just don’t know it yet. And um is that even how you say the name Tiago, like Tiago, Tiágo. Tiágo wawaa, anyways.
Umm, so uh, me and him don’t really know each other that well, we should talk more please, Ant, um, cause I love you even though you don’t really know it. But I bet you do now! *excited noise* and ummm sooo uh, he has… a girlfriend! AHH! He also has a penis. Which is why he has a girlfriend AHHH! And ummm let’s see here, ummm, he has an interesting Youtube account, that reminds, yeah okay.
His youtube is so funny, I like laugh every time I watch his videos, they’re hilarious. And sooo… I should… I’m gonna do something one second you guys, okay. Gimme a second.
I LOVE ANTHONY! *holds up drawing* Yeah that’s it, okay. Bye you guys. Thanks for watching this and by the way, Ant, I love you, you – you have to know that because I do! I just, I totally love you, so much. Okay Bye Ant!

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