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So what’s been going down, basically is like, I came back to the internet, and the people were like, “You’re gonna make a new video?” and I was like, “Mahybee, Mahybeee not, who nahws, thahts the funnn.” And, but I can’t really like, say that anymore, because it’s been so long? Um, yeah, so it’s not really cool for me to say that anymore. SO those of you askin’….If I’m gonna make a new video?????……YES. Besides this one. This is….really….like my last resort. I never…I NEVER wanted to do something like this. Um, but yeah…you know but…”SHITTY WEBCAM, HADUHDUHDUHDUH. YEAH, HEY GUYS, LOL, LIKE…” Yeah no, this kills me a lil bit inside. “Ah…” So, what the plan was…was that…um, like, I was gonna make like, a Merry Christmas Boxxy video um, on, Christmas Eve. And this horrible, awful, terrible….THING…happened to me. And I, you know it’s just a little personal, so I’m not gonna…but it, i-was terrible. And I was just like… I can’t, I can’t do this…Like I… i-i-it’s not gonna be good enough…I’m-I’m not FEELING, you know, the ESSENCE of Boxxy… like, hate to sound like a dramatic ACTOR, but it was like…I like, I just, I couldn’t DO it, I couldn’t get myself in that place where everything was just like, “OK HI!” Like, you know and, UM…heh…OK…I couldn’t do it. And, then, basically after that it was just like this huge spiral of like one thing after another after another, like you know, I had to get signed up for school, I had to pack, I had to move, I di… you know I had everything to do. And then when, I did, you know, when I, when I went on the Internets to check up on things, um, I would post, when I could. You know, I was very busy.
And, um, you know, when I wasn’t doing, you know, real life things, I was, you know, brainstorming for videos, or you know um, brainstorming ideas to give back to the community… um which is kinda how I came up with like the autograph thing…. um for $20, then it cost like….you know, like $15….to like print em and ship em….um eh…and so it’s kinda like, selling them for like five bucks a photo. It’s not like they’re all gonna sell. I mean obviously a lotta people are really upset with me right now. Um, but yeah, and so then I would come onto the internet and then people were saying these really mean awful things about me, and I was like “Oh! Okay, like awesome.  🙁 ” And I didn’t really wanna be there, because I felt really, you know hated, and I didn’t think that it would be, you know, I mean, you know, to talk to the haters, or like to talk to not necessarily the haters but the people that didn’t like me anymore, was like, you know, kinda rude, like in like both ways. Um, so I would just sorta keep to myself…and you know… Yeah and so then people were like “Oh, she never spends any time with us,” and it was just sad.
UM, and on top of that, like my tripcode is written on a piece of paper, and it’s like not in my possession anymore because I moved, and it’s like, a ways away, and I’ll have it back. Um. But um. YEAH. I-I just don’t have it with me right now. Basically, I can’t. And I can’t log into a lot of my accounts and stuff because I don’t have passwords memorized or anything like that. They’re all written down on pieces of paper. Um yeah.
So, um. Yeah.  There’s a new video a comin’. I think you guys are really gonna like it! And I really do, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart…if there’s ever anything you can take away from this situation….I really, really appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. As far as, you know, your….most of you…have some sort of undying love and support… or even if it’s not for me, it’s for Boxxy…and that really means something to me, because I can’t tell you how many times people, you know, sent me little messages saying “You know, you really helped me out during a tough time” and it really means something to me because you know, li-like I’ve been there; I’ve-I’ve been at an all time low, and it an it just-ju sucks, and it-it it really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something if I really helped someone out in a time like that.
And um, yeah, you know um, thank you, you know, you guys. It really means a lot. And um yeah… this is getting to serious business. Um…uh, so yeah! Um so just, just..keep..just keep your hats on! Um, there’s a new video a comin’….it’s gonna be really…um, well, I-I think it’s gonna be pretty cool. Um, hopefully you guys will like it.
Maybe you won’t. Well, I’m sure-I-I’m sure some of you won’t. As um, a lot of people didn’t like…the first Boxxy videos! And um…they’re not…it’s…it’s not gonna be like a regular Boxxy video. It’s not gonna be like, you know I just sit down, in front of this, thing, and….YEAH, I’m not using this webcam. Good lord, no. It’s awful…it’s…like…GRAINY and…*ech noise*….and um…yeah, it’s not like I’m just gonna sit down and start babbling. Um, it’s gonna be a little more complex than that, it’s gonna take some time…and editing…and…stuff…but it’s gonna be pretty cool I think. UM!….*sigh*…I just ran out of breath. Ever forget to breathe? It sucks. Um….yeah…soo….just hang in there! Um…I love you guys, thank you. Um….I think, um….I’m gonna take a break uh…from…uni…uh…just until the hate calms down. Um, because it’s kind of a bummer. Um…and uh, yeah, but I’ll still be on the internet, you can still Youtube me, you can still email me….uh, do whatever. Um….yeah! ok! love you guys! um! see you soon! AAAAAH! K. BYE! MUAAAAAAH

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