This is what was said by Catie in FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY.

Okay hi.
My name is Boxxy, and um, I was just surfin’ on the internets like I do.
And um, I happened across a video, and um, so I watched it, um and, you were talking about meeee!
And so I just thought that I should make you this video um to clear a couple things up.
Um, okay.  So um, I think that you’re confused.  Um because the girl that you hacked, is uh, not me.
Um, you-because uh my account is not ANewHopeee, um, it is boxxybabee with 2 e’s.
Um and I would have posted this video on there but I haven’t gotten my account back yet.  [pouting]
Anyways, um, so, um, yeah, and um, uh, so and and so that girl um that you hacked, um she looks a little bit, well a lot, like me.  Uh, and um, but we’re not the same person.  And uh, so I though that you should know that.  Um, because uh, also, I wouldn’t um, say uh that word uh, to someone that who is homosex because that’s not nice.
Um and all-also I think that uh it’s not um, me that you’re thinking of, because if we’d had that class together, I would’ve remembered you because I love your hair [squeals]!
And um [taps feet] a-and yeah, and it’s so it’s so pretty and it’s so long, and, and I have been growing my hair out for 2 years, and this is as far as it’s gotten.  I miss that.  It’s not very long.
Um, but your hair is so long and it’s not as waaaaah.  And um, and so, it must have taken forever for it to get that long and I really like it and so I think I would have remembered you because I really love your hair.
Um, also um, I really love your kitty.  He’s so cute.  And he jumps and is moumoumou and is super-cute.
And I just-if I had him, I would just, I would love him and cuddle him all day long. And um, you should too.
Um you should be happy you have such a cute little kitty.  That’s so wonderful.  He’s so cute.
Uh, and um, also, uh, when your nails fell off, um really, I hehehe I kinda giggled, um because tha-it used to happen to me ALL THE TIME.  Like, I would be, and I would be writing or typing.  And it would just flick [pkkh], and I would just be like, “FFFFUUUUUUU!”  And so, yeah, um, um, but and now I go into the manicure place, and um, and that doesn’t happen anymore because it’s connected.
Um, anyways, and um, and then, [taps hands], and then when you almost sneezed, and you were just like, “Oh my god,” whad-whad-what did uh the uh, huh, yeah, and and and but but I was like, “Oh my god, I feel for you.  I FEEL FOR YOU!”
Um, but, you know what is worse than um having to sneeze, and then not, uh, be-is is when you’re like, in a plane, and um, and then you have your-your ears need to pop, and so you’re trying to make yourself yawn, and you’re just like “awh awh awh.”
But, but but then, and then it gets almost there, almost there, and but then but then it goes away.  It’s the worst.
But uh, yeah.  And um, so I think that you and me should be friends.  Um and just put all of this, this silly business behind us, um and so, because then I could be like “HA!”  And then you can be like, “Owah.”  And then, and then it just could just be, it just li- soo wonderfuul.  And so, yeah, um, so I love you, and um, I think that um, you should Youtube me.  Okay, bye!  Mmmmmm!

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