This is what Catie said in the video FOAR LITTLE KINKY FRUM BOXXY:

[opening title]
Okay hi.  My name is Boxxy and um uh, did uh, did anyone else see that uh just now?  Because uh if you did, I’m pretty sure that if you have a working brain, you probably thought that that was amazing!
That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.
Um, and it-i-i-I-uh-uh, I honestly I have no words for once in my small life. Um, i-I have no words to to thank these people, because because they just messaged me one day and they were like, “Hey Boxxy we really love you,” and i was like “Ooh I love you too.”  And and they were like “we made an opening song for you,” and I was like, “WHAT?”  And that was it and I was like, “Oh my god.”  That’s amazing.  And um, their band name is Little Kinky.  And I know that most of you will be thinking, “Well that’s just provocative.”  We it’s not, so you, you just knock that off mister.
And um, and it was amazing. An-an-an-and you it’s uh so catchy, and it’s like [sings: do-ch-ch-do-do-do-do]
And i-it is so awesome!  And um so yeah and and we were like “You know, um we really really love you and and we really love your voice,” and I was like “I want to thank you.”
And um, and and they were like “you know, we we wrote some songs for you.”  And I said “For me?”  And they were like, “yeah for you to sing”  And I was like “I love to sing”  And and and and and and and it was it was awesome and so now, me, and little kinky, are going to be singing songs together.  And and this is just getting, this is just getting too seductive for my own good.
And eheh, um, a-and so uh, yeah, I mean, i-I’m so excited about it.  Um, and i-so you guys should you could check them out because they’re so talented and they’re so nice and wonderful and everything under the rainbow.
And and so everything you need to know about them is in the doobly-doo.  And they’re just you know some kids trying to make it, and and and I know that feel, bro.
And uh, a-this so yeah, I just I thought it was really great of them and nice of them to do what they did for me, and how could I not share something like that?  I think you should go watch it again because I’m going to okay?
Um, so yeah, um I love you all, um and uh, hopefully you’ll see me soon.  I love you, bye! Mmm-mmm! Aaah!

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