A New Hope

Most of the scary stalker drama of 2009 has died down. On Nov 25, 2010, Catie, age 18, being a huge Star Wars fan, posts a clip from the first Star Wars movie: “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” with a voiceover of her asking her fans to help her get her get her boxxybabee account back from the hackers which had been taken from her on Jan 18, 2009.  Subtitles here.

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This is for you gais, this time, i’m sure you know who you are. (: Help me get my channel back!

Update Aug 5, 2012: Above is my personal remastering of Catie’s ANewHope.wmv video. I did this because I could and because her original was of low video quality. Unfortunately I couldn’t use Youtube to host the remastered video because they detected a scene from a motion picture so it was blocked on copyright grounds.

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