Things are about to get intense.

not really.
hope this restores a little faith.
did you know the less than sign is no longer allowed in descriptions?
that puts a huge hole in my descriptions.
less than three

Catie uploads this to her ANewHopeee Youtube channel on Jan 10, 2011 at age 18.  Subtitles here.  Since her first Boxxy video, this is the first time Catie appears on video on one of her official Youtube channels not as Boxxy.

She said that she was going to make a Boxxy Merry Christmas video Christmas 2010, but a horrible, awful, terrible thing happened to her and she wasn’t up to acting like Boxxy.  She also had to move to another home.  I suspect it could be more stalker issues; if not, that her parents were going through a divorce, or it could be that the family dog Duke died.  I don’t really know; it is only speculation.
Update: I think I read somewhere that the day before she was going to make the Christmas 2010 video, was when a group of stalkers showed up at her door, that is probably what she was referring to.

She is saying there are some good videos to come.

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