Catie’s offical website domain has expired

Update Dec 31 2011: Site is back up for all.  Time to undo your HOSTS file workaround if that’s what you did.

Update Dec 27 2011: Site still not up.  The domain provider M2Host has such a bad reputation they are considered a scam.  They promise to have it back up any time now, but anything they say can not be considered trustworthy.  Until the site is back up, you can still use a workaround to get to it: Edit your hosts file and add the lines:

See where this file is located on your OS version.  For more help see the video below but skip to 1:45.

Update Dec 19 2011: Intrepid has renewed the domain so the site will return to normal soon.  Anyone bidding for the expired domain will no longer have the opportunity to buy it.

Original post:
The site is now down for anyone who’s browsers aren’t still caching the DNS for it.  For most it is redirecting to the domain parking page.

Let’s hope Intrepid, the administrator of, renews it during the 30 day grace period before others are allowed to bid on it.

In the meantime, you may want to check out an alternate Catie Wayne website,

3 thoughts on “Catie’s offical website domain has expired

  1. Boxxmom answered my email: “Thank you, we are trying to sort it out now.”

    It’s incomprehensible that Catie and her handlers are going to let the website lapse right at the moment when Little Kinky featuring 3v3 is about to drop.

    Didn’t know about the 30 day grace period. Thanks for the valuable information, DD.

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