How to join the Boxxysphere

Being anon is perfectly fine.  Just do that if you want.  But you may desire to make a name for yourself in the Boxxysphere.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Get a youtube account and use it to subscribe to Catie’s 2 main channels: anewhopeee and boxxybabee. Set it up to email you when there is a new video out.
  • Join the forum at  That was the first thing I did after creating this site.  Pick a username that won’t tell people your real life identity which you can use on all the Boxxy related sites.
  • Start posting on the forum.
  • Lurk for a while, learn what not to do by watching others get banned.
  • You can post to the chan anonymously but that will not get you known. (Personally, I post there anonymously more often than I identify myself using my tripcode.)
  • Make up a tripcode based on your forum username.  That is a username then a # sign then a password.  Use the same name as on the forum so people recognize your name.  The # becomes a ! and the password scrambles.  “me#password” will become “me!8wUTr7ecJ2” Post using that tripcode.  Use 2 # symbols to make it more secure.
  • Get a Twitter account. Add @CatieWayne and other sphere members.  For the most part, if my twitter account doubledaveee is following them, they are part of the sphere.
  • On Fridays Catie uploads new videos to youtube and alternates every other Friday between posting to the chan and the forum.  The combination of participating there, on twitter, and IRC are among the best ways to become known.
  • Same with other social media sites like facebook and Google Plus.  Add sphere friends.
  • Don’t use accounts that some sphere members can use to contact people you know in real life.  Why?  Read about the hacking then doxxing and stalking that happened to Catie in 2009 and you will see why it isn’t a good idea to let your internet friends know your real identity.  Although this isn’t nearly as important anymore.  It is up to you how secure you wish to be.
  • Get in the Boxxy related Tinychat rooms and IRC channel.
  • Make some type of fan art to get attention for yourself.  When Catie comes back around (Every Friday, alternating between using the forum and chan to interact with fans, plus on Twitter), maybe she will have heard of you by then or others can vouch for you.
  • ???

3 thoughts on “How to join the Boxxysphere

  1. thank you for all this information, actually, the first three lines of your comment are true everywhere, not just the Boxxysphere. It’s a fact that cannot be avoided. Anyways, I will (maybe) do that in the future…

  2. don’t you think that it’s a little too much ? I mean, being in the forum and posting in it is not enough ? If that’s the case, then a lot of people are not in the sphere.

    • For the most part, you’re right, joining the forum is enough. However most in the Boxxosphere don’t even go to the forum at all and you do tend to miss out on things. I posted this article to help someone who only knew of the sphere from being an Orange Citrus fan and meeting friends by coming into the Boxxy tinychat room.
      For a while I was just on the forum but I was missing out on new things that were happening and everyone else seemed to know what was happening except for me. And on tinychat other members used to ask me who I am, but others would recognize me from the forum.
      So I joined other sites that I can check at a glance on my smartphone such as facebook, twitter, and formspring.

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