whoisboxxy.com & whoisboxxy.info domains expiring

Update 8/15/2012: whoisboxxy.info is officially expired.  After a while (60 days perhaps?), it will be available to anyone to buy as if it never existed before.

Update 8/4/2012: whoisboxxy.com has been given away to the first (only) person to inquire about it.  There are 9 days remaining before whoisboxxy.info expires and is no longer under my control whatsoever.

Original post: When I first launched this site on August 13, 2011, it was called whoisboxxy.com

The same day I also bought the domains whoisboxxy.info and then boxxy.info and set it up so any web or email address of those 3 will redirect to one site.  Later that day I had decided it would be the simplest of those names to be the official site name, boxxy.info.  The other two were just empty redirects.

The 1 year anniversary of the launch of this website is just around the corner, so those 3 domains are expiring.  I have already renewed boxxy.info for another year, but nobody uses the other two so I’m just going to let them go when they expire Aug 13, 2012.

Or if anyone is interested in them, contact me and I’ll give either one or both away for free assuming you’re the only one interested; you’ll just have to pay your registrar for the transfer.  Nearlyfreespeech.net charges $9.49.  Or wait at least a couple of months when it becomes available to the public.

Contact me at email address david (at) boxxy.info

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