Okay, Hi. So I Made a Boxxy Video Game…

oh god, am i doing this right? hi umm… im JaKalibur (some call me JK or whatever. Close friends call me jakariburuuuu) and the admin of this beautiful site, dave, asked me to make a “guest-blog” here, to announce a project i started like five months ago, and finished this November. so yeah, hi (^-^)/

Anyway, heres the details and such: around June or something i announced, on ILB, that i was to begin production of a Boxxy video game. after months of stressful work, including procrastination, my computer breaking, and frantic level designing all through October, i produced the masterpiece i am presenting to you today; Boxxy’s Mooninite Adventure!!!!! :DD I’m not sure how to explain the whole production-process (its a loooong story, with much drama, and many sighs. you can find it all on ILB if you’re really that curious.) so i’ll just get to the point. in short, its a 2-d platformer in which you play as Boxxy (accompanied by a fairy-fied Pocky) on a quest to reclaim the home of the Mooninites, after it being overtaken by Svetlana’s evil forces.

the game has a few bugs in it at the moment, and theres a few things i want to add still, so i’ll be releasing another version (v2.0) next week. for now, enjoy i guess X3

Download Link

http://www.mediafire.com/?wn9orpl0v50yx8m v1.5

update, 12/11/12: http://www.mediafire.com/?1hd8nd3ii575aax v2.0 (249 MB)

PS: i probably didnt provide much information here, regarding myself and the game or whatever some of you might be curious about (not good at making blog posts -.-‘ ) so id appreciate it if u all felt free to ask anything you want to know, in the comments ;3 k, bye.

Note from doubledave, 2/14/2013: The same day v1.0 of this game was released, the first version of another Boxxy game was released.

2 thoughts on “Okay, Hi. So I Made a Boxxy Video Game…

  1. Hi!
    Liked the game very much ^_^ , though I’ve not been able to finish it yet u_u
    Don’t really know if nowadays you will care about it, but I kinda discovered a bug. After completing level 13 (I guess it was 13, but I don’t remember it well enough to be 100% sure of it) I was on the doors screen walking Boxxy to the door 14, when suddenly she “fell” as if one part of the floor was not solid, and she went below the lowest part of the screen, so she was not able to be seen anymore. I tried jumping, but she didn’t appear. Here’s a caption of how the screen looked:
    (the character probably was in the horizontal center of the screen, so there must be the bug, or something like that).
    If you’re willing to do something about it, I’d recommend to enable a button to make boxxy appear authomatically at the beginning of the screen, so that would work against any other bug of this nature 🙂

    Hope that can be useful 😛

  2. OMG, it’s so hard and I’m a parkour master in Minecraft, Mario, L4D2 and other games. OMG, It took me 2 hours to go through level 1

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