Catie is no longer with Discovery and BABSCon is coming up.

Hello everyone. I’m AmuroGabe and Dave has hired me to keep this page updated with Catie Wayne news and information.

For those not aware, as of mid November, Catie no longer works for Discovery Digital Networks. We don’t know the exact reason for it, but Discovery Digital shut down many of their channels, including both Animalist and Anyhoo. This information is almost 3 months old now, but I still continue to see people ask Catie about those channels on twitter. In the 11 months she worked for them, Catie appeared in over 400 videos and hosted about 350 of them.

If you are interested in meeting the lovely Catie Wayne, your first chance this year will be at BABSCon in 2 months. BABSCon is a My Little Pony convention held in Burlingame, California (20 minute drive from San Francisco) on April 3-5.

Here she is confirming her attendance.

Catie attending BABSCon

Catie was in 3 panels and premiered Friendship is Recapped at last year’s BABSCon. Unfortunately, her solo panel, Herd Chat, was not recorded. The /mlp/ board from 4chan hosted a panel that Catie was a part of. That panel was recorded, but the video has been taken down. Her 3rd panel was a panel she co-hosted and was about brony women.

If you are not able to make BABSCon or just not into MLP, the only other event that Catie has confirmed to be attending this year is VidCon. VidCon will be in Anaheim, California from July 23-25.

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