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Who is Boxxy? What is her identity? Catherine Ann Wayne is Boxxy’s real name, usually called Catie, sometimes called Cate. She said in one of her videos: “I am not trolling. I am Boxxy, you see? Mmm?” (If you were looking for a different Boxxy, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

This site is not Boxxy’s official website, “You have to know that.” Boxxy’s official website is www.catiewayne.com

Update: She has a page on the Internet Movie Database website imdb.com.

There are so many reasons to check out her official website. She has a forum and an imageboard, where Catie herself occasionally will make an appearance. The latest breaking news about Catie, whenever any, can be found there first. Very little hate is found there. Catie’s mom, LisaBoxxmommy” Wayne has been known to visit the imageboard on occasion as well. On the chan (imageboard) there is a good FAQ post you should read.

So why bother with www.boxxy.info you ask? Well there is just so much random stuff on Catie’s imageboard and forum that you can get lost trying to find what you are looking for such as learning about Boxxy, Boxxy related stuff, and the whole Boxxy phenomenon. I have organized this site into several helpful categories. This is a list of some of the reasons to further explore www.boxxy.info

  • Pictures of Catie
  • Catie’s original videos
  • Subtitles to everything Catie said in her original videos, with links explaining what she is talking about. (I work hard on most of these)
  • Many of the best video remixes of Catie’s videos
  • Some of the remixed videos posted on this site also have a playable full length song, powered by Grooveshark. There is a complete playlist of Boxxy related music and remixes.
  • Here is an explanation for those who are still convinced that it is not the same person in all these videos, also a good place to start if you want to find out who this Boxxy person is. Some people think Boxxy is dead; this proves otherwise.
  • Chronicles of Rick Roll information.
  • Lately I have been diligent at keeping this site up-to-date with the latest Boxxy happenings.
  • New: single playlist of all of Catie’s videos in chronological order: www.boxxy.info/timeline
  • Links to Boxxy related websites on the right sidebar for further information. Links to websites full of hate are not provided here. Well, except for YouTube.
  • Comments to posts are allowed here. Please limit the hate; in case this becomes a problem, I will have to moderate or worse shut down new comments. (I don’t want to moderate nearly as heavily as Intrepid & his crew over at catiewayne.com)
  • RSS feed of posts, and RSS feed of comments.

Additional information about this site:

Also, in 2009, Catie’s privacy has been invaded, she received empty death threats, empty rape threats, was stalked, her accounts were hacked, and she was otherwise harassed. That behavior will not be tolerated here. If you have private information which is not already publicly known about Catie, her family, or her real life friends, keep it to yourself; we don’t want to feed this kind of behavior. If you see something like this, for Catie’s safety, please report it to me so I can remove it; see my email address at the bottom.

This site is powered by WordPress running PHP on a service called hostassociate, run by my co-admin partner at catiechat. Domain originally registered through Godaddy. (Update July 31 2012: boxxy.info domain registration transferred to Nearlyfreespeech.net. Domain email is powered by Google Apps. If you would like to leave feedback for the site admin (me, David) but don’t want it to be public in a comment on a post, send an email to david (at) boxxy.info.

I maintain this site in my spare time. It costs me money to keep the site online, so I have a small Google Adsense ad on the sidebar of the main site. Install adblock plus if you wish to block these ads. It is proving to not pay much especially compared to how much this site costs, so I will also ask for donations, no matter how small, at bitcoin address: 1DDaVEEHsW3GLg1PqRkiKVSTj87WRcLGeq

Q: Where do I go from here?

A: Some of the more popular things to check out at this site are:

Q: Looking for for more Boxxy information?

A: Here are some links:

  • The real Boxxy

Q: Did you find the wrong Boxxy here? Maybe you meant: (many of these taken from wikipedia)

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