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I discovered Boxxy for the first time on July 18, 2011. Then I spent a lot of time figuring out what is true and what is false that has been said about her so I started www.boxxy.info to clear a couple things up.

Vidcon 2014

Vidcon 2014 is starting today, Thursday June 26 2014 and Catie is there

I am also here at Vidcon and I will get to meet Catie and I plan on providing pictures and videos. Here is a review of videos found from last year’s Vidcon that I had added subtitles to months ago but never put it online until now:

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^ vidcon 2013 ^

If you have trouble viewing it, try it from the dropbox link.

Update 7/2/2014: Vidcon 2014 was great! I met Catie and other good friends from Catie’s fandom community for the first time, and had a blast. Numerous pictures and videos to be posted here probably by the end of the weekend. Group photo already shown below.

Vidcon 2014 meetup

Below: “Suddenly a Star” panel at Vidcon, featuring Catie, Rebecca Black, John Cozart / Paint, Laina Morris / Overly Attached Girlfriend, Sara Maria Forsberg / Smoukahontas, Colleen Ballinger / Miranda Sings, GloZell Green, and moderated by Petar Mandich.

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Catie in the 2014 Fanboys Anonymous Internet Goddess Award Tournament

Catie needs your support here.

It is the 2014 Internet Goddess Award tournamentCatie has made it to round 4. ** Edit: Catie won the tournament, see below.

Round 1 Catie beat Chet Siegel with 97% of the votes.

Ro.und 2 Catie beat Lindsey Stirling with 83% of the votes.

Round 3 Catie beat Taylor Davis with 65% of the votes.

Round 4 Catie is currently beating Colleen Ballinger with only 52% of 1361 votes.

** Edit: 3 hours later: Catie has 55% of the 1562 votes.

** Edit: 11 hours later: THANK YOU EVERYONE! Catie currently has 66% of the 2247 votes!

** Edit: the next day: Catie still had 66% of the votes earlier today, but now she has 50% of 4259.  Votes are desperately needed again!  Please help!

Edit: Mar 22 2014 – Catie won round 4 with 59% of the votes!  It was close and there were over 16000 votes counted.  She has advanced onto the finals that are supposedly open, but the polling software has changed and is currently not working.

Internet Goddess Tournament Round 4

Please, go vote for Catie right now before round 4 is over.

Edit: The final round.

Edit: Catie won the entire tournament with 66% of the votes.  Congratulations to Catie!

I will make one final edit when Catie sends in a picture with the plaque in-hand.


Catie Wayne_tournament

The winning announcement was made during Chris Dace’s live podcast on April 2; a recording of it can be found here; it is set to skip ahead to 16 minutes in where the announcement is made.

Boxxy and MySpace (Foar Tom frum Boxxy)

This is very special, it is the first new Boxxy video in 9 months. It is also on Jan 9 2014; the 5th anniversary of the most famous Boxxy video, FOAR EVERYWUN.

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merp. i hart maispayc.
but omilawwwd, my camera died right before I could say bye!

i have an official bookface:

if you want a tshirt or something, you could go here: http://www.boxxosphere.spreadshirt.com

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PS – note from David – sorry for not keeping boxxy.info up to date lately. It is only the 9th of January 2014 and there has already been lots and lots of significant events that have affected Catie in a positive way so far this year. I’ll be covering them here soon.

drunk boys

drunk boys

Catie changes the names to protect the innoc…. er, drunken people.

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boys will be boys, i suppose. this story is 100% true.

I found a thread on Aug 11, 2011, during a party for her roommate’s birthday, Catie wrote about the first part of this video presumably about the one who’s name was changed to Chad for the sake of this video:


he like busted into my room and was like
and i was like
“uhm… there is a pullout couch downstairs if the guest room is full. D:”

and he like stood there all confused that i didn’t rip my panties off.
and then like an hour later i went downstairs looking for my cat and he was like
“i’m sorry. D:”
“i’m looking for my cat.”
“…uhm, a cat?”
then i found my cat and picked him up and was like
i just laughed an kept walking.

Also introducing Catie’s roommate who she changed the name to Trevor, and Kelli.

lifestyles of the sick and semi-famous

lifestyles of the sick and semi-famous

Catie has a cold or something and still makes a weekly video, describing what she usually does whenever she gets sick.
ppc day – “Poor Pitiful Catie day”
Pride & Prejudice – the A&E version.

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Twitter & VidCon 2013

On June 6 2013, Catie started using Twitter again.  (She had an account by the same name before but that was closed due to inactivity, that is a story for another time.)  This time she is actually using Twitter in a useful way: from her smartphone.


Yesterday she flew to Anaheim to attend VidCon 2013.  Lots of people are recognizing her there and every so often, they will post a pic with her to twitter and Catie will retweet it.

Update on hacked catiewayne.com forum: now operational again

March 19 2013, the forum was hacked.

The database containing the hashes of every user’s passwords was stolen.  Also contained in that database in plaintext is the content of every single private message sent from any user to any other user.  Both of these things were temporarily published publicly to unichan, so potentially hundreds of people could have gotten a copy of that database with everyone’s private messages, password hashes, and email addresses.  Potentially dozens of people could be brute-force checking the password hash database right now, and many of the weaker passwords have probably already been found.

The hackers also signed into at least one of the administrator’s control panels and changed all kinds of things, for example, for the lulz, adding wordfilters so every instance of the word “Catie” is replaced with the word “fattie” throughout the whole forum, un-modding moderators, deleting the accounts for a few moderator and admin users, and turning off the systems that protect against the spambots.

Some users have already reported that someone has signed in with their password and posted things with their name, changed their passwords, and even some have had their other accounts unrelated to the forum taken away such as their email accounts and in one instance, their Steam account (this happens when you use the same passwords on multiple websites and one of those websites gets hacked)

Some users changed their passwords at this point (as they should have)

Mar 20, the database was restored to its previous backup from Mar 16.  So it was back to the old passwords.  However the security hole that let in the hacker was not patched, therefore, the hacker got right back in and started changing things up again.  (I don’t understand why the admin Intrepid didn’t shut down the forum to fix its problems)

Even though I have not seen any sort of announcement from Intrepid through this entire ordeal, it is my understanding that he is working on getting this fixed so that the hacker no longer has any admin control of the forum.

Update Mar 21: It seems to have been fixed late tonight.  There has been no public communication from Intrepid besides the new note on the top of the forum warning everyone to change their passwords.

Update Mar 22: There is now an announcement about it on the official facebook page, simply saying the site is going down for updates.  It has since then been up and running.

What to do?

  • First, change your password on the forum (again).  That will keep the hacker or anyone who cracked your password from logging in as you.  When (or if) the database is rolled back to Mar 16 again, change it again after that happens because it will be back to your old password again.  Make the password something you don’t use anywhere else, and make it a longer password, like 12 or more characters.
  • Don’t bother posting to the forum right now, anything you post will not be there when they roll back the database to Mar 16 again.
  • Change your password on any other sites that use the same password as what was in the database at the time it was hacked. (March 19)  This is especially true for the account for the email address assigned to your forum account.
  • Read through all your old incoming and outgoing PM’s to remind yourself of any personal information contained there, in case you need to do something with that, such as changing a password somewhere.

Who is responsible?

I keep getting asked this question.  Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: A few people are blaming Boxxychan who is the admin of unichan.  I don’t believe this to be the case.  Many people are blaming it on Boxxyfan.  I’m not sure but I think Boxxyfan, anon77, and f0rby are the same person.  (Not to be confused with forby; a completely different person)  The person posting the leaked information to unichan is posting as “f0rby”.

Though he did not use a tripcode so this hacker could be anyone that wants to redirect the blame, or it could be who he says he is, we just don’t know.  As one anon on unichan put it,

It’s not the real f0rby (George) or the fake f0rby (Boxxyfan). It’s 3 layers of impersonation/reference.


Hopefully this is fixed soon and it will all blow over, but even though things like this have happened in the sphere before, none have been of this magnitude.  There is just too much damage from so much personal information being publicly leaked in those private messages.  We have yet to hear what Catie thinks of this.  I intend to provide an update here on occasion.

Update Mar 21: The forum did get taken back down, many things fixed, and put back online and has been returning back to normal late tonight.  We shall see if it is really patched well enough to keep the hackers out from now on.

Happy Valentines Day Foar Bois Frum Boxxy and Boxxy makeup tutorial

Double video bonus. Catie released a Boxxy makeup tutorial on ANewHopeee (first video) at the same time as the 2013 Valentines Day video on Boxxybabee (2nd video).

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An added extra special bonus, the music in the background of her makeup tutorial was Danielson742‘s “You See“.