Boxxy and MySpace (Foar Tom frum Boxxy)

This is very special, it is the first new Boxxy video in 9 months. It is also on Jan 9 2014; the 5th anniversary of the most famous Boxxy video, FOAR EVERYWUN.

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merp. i hart maispayc.
but omilawwwd, my camera died right before I could say bye!

i have an official bookface:

if you want a tshirt or something, you could go here:

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PS – note from David – sorry for not keeping up to date lately. It is only the 9th of January 2014 and there has already been lots and lots of significant events that have affected Catie in a positive way so far this year. I’ll be covering them here soon.

Happy Valentines Day Foar Bois Frum Boxxy and Boxxy makeup tutorial

Double video bonus. Catie released a Boxxy makeup tutorial on ANewHopeee (first video) at the same time as the 2013 Valentines Day video on Boxxybabee (2nd video).

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An added extra special bonus, the music in the background of her makeup tutorial was Danielson742‘s “You See“.

Valentine’s Boxxy remix videos

Valentines remixes

Within an hour of each other 2 Valentine’s Boxxy remixes were posted to youtube. This first one is Danielson742 and the second one DJ Tyra. Also don’t forget the remix of the 2012 Valentines day Boxxy video also from Danielson742.

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Boxxy dressed as Miku Hatsune
“Foar Gurls frum Boxxy”

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© 2009-2012 Catie Wayne (ANewHopeee/Boxxybabee/bodaciousboxxy)

A new Skrillex BMV (Boxxy Music Video)

A new friend lokis787 / youtube user URLLOKISGAMES came on the forum and posted their new BMV to a Skrillex song.

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The song: Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix).

Trailer to the new Boxxy movie

I wish this was going to be a real movie. The trailer makes it look like it will be awesome.

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Catie talks about some of the times she has gone out in public and has been recognized as being Boxxy.

Personally, if I happened to see her in public, I might not say anything for fear of embarrassing her or myself.


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aren’t you so excited?
a collection of stories of some of the times i’ve been recognized and how that business went down.
don’t be jelly of my footy pajamas.