Boxxy and MySpace (Foar Tom frum Boxxy)

This is very special, it is the first new Boxxy video in 9 months. It is also on Jan 9 2014; the 5th anniversary of the most famous Boxxy video, FOAR EVERYWUN.

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merp. i hart maispayc.
but omilawwwd, my camera died right before I could say bye!

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PS – note from David – sorry for not keeping up to date lately. It is only the 9th of January 2014 and there has already been lots and lots of significant events that have affected Catie in a positive way so far this year. I’ll be covering them here soon.

Happy Valentines Day Foar Bois Frum Boxxy and Boxxy makeup tutorial

Double video bonus. Catie released a Boxxy makeup tutorial on ANewHopeee (first video) at the same time as the 2013 Valentines Day video on Boxxybabee (2nd video).

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An added extra special bonus, the music in the background of her makeup tutorial was Danielson742‘s “You See“.


Boxxy dressed as Miku Hatsune
“Foar Gurls frum Boxxy”

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© 2009-2012 Catie Wayne (ANewHopeee/Boxxybabee/bodaciousboxxy)

Subtitles for “Foar Pocky Frum Boxxy”

Subtitles to “Foar Pocky Frum Boxxy

Ok hi.  My name is Boxxy
And um today it is Valentime’s day yay!
Um and I just wanted to make a special video for my Valentine
and uh this – my Valentine this year is just the love of my life and cream in my coffee. And just th- pe- someone that I have loved since I was very small.
Pocky. uh But I bet I was misdirecting you just then.
Um, yeah. But my Valentine this year is Pocky. And um, it’s because uh, we have known each other since we were like {this big}. And um, and and and we’ve been best friends, um, since, you know – since since since since forever.
And and and we were always best friends from the very second, like there was never a time where it was like we were just friends, and then maybe better friends, and good friends, and then best friends.
No, it was like, the second we met each other, it was like [smack] BAM, best friends!

And um, she even, she even helped me pick out uh this shirt, uh for Valentine’s day
uh because I don’t, I I don’t know how to dress myself.
And um, and and so, and she helped me pick it out and we went shopping together.
And and that’s the greatest thing about having a best friend, is that no matter,
no matter what, if you could, you could be doing, you could be like, you know, skydiving,
or like, you know swimming, or just sitting around, and talking and chit-chatting
no matter what, you will have the best time of your life.
And and and that and that is makes best friends so special and I hope that everyone has the best friend that I do, and that it’s like, i- it’s like th- they never, they will never let you feel alone, and or unwanted, and and th- it’s just, it’s just irreplaceable. JUST IRREPLACEABLE that feeling.
And and it’s just it’s just the greatest most warmy fuzziest feeling in the entire world like uh
And and and uh it’s just so great um when we like when we hang out and it’s like, it’s like
JOKE! and it’s like JOKE and it’s like hahaha only it’s like real laughter.
Um eh bu, yeah cuz it’s like, I could like, we like call each other and she’s like
“Hey how are you?” And I’m like “Hey I’m fine, I love you.” And she’s like, “I love you too.
How what’s been going on?” And I’m like, “Nothing, I just got a new phone, it kinda looks like a hang-loose sign.”
And um, it-i-and and it’s like, you know, we, we, she, she teaches me, um lots of uh tricks
about like how to do my hair and stuff. And um, like, we we draw all the time, and um, we’re like we’re like, such hardcore bosses at Mario Party. Like there’s no, there’s no team like our team.
And and and we will annihilate you. And if you wanna be all like, “Well I wanna do Mario Party against you and Pocky.” And we’re all, we- we’ll be like, “Challenge accepted.” Because because there is, no one can beat us. We are amazing. And and and it’s it’s it’s like this unstoppable force of best-friendy love. And and and that’s that’s yeah. That’s why she’s my Valentine this year.
And every year. Because I love her so much. And I hope that there is never a day where I feel like I am without her because I love you so much Pocky. I hope that you know that. Because, because that I would feel like so sad if you didn’t know that. I would be all like… tear. And my face would be all stretched out like this and everything. It was so sad. But it’s not like that, because because you do, and we, and we love each other so much and so and so I love you Pocky, I love you.
Rawr-rarwr-rawr-rawr-rawr! I love you so much and I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentime day.

Dec 12, 2011 leaked videos

These are some of Catie’s videos that were leaked by RC on Dec 12, 2011, only hours after she came back for the first time in months and released some new content, “Meet 3v3!“.  Also see the photos that were leaked at the same time.

Catie asking Youtube to help her get her account Boxxybabee back and asking about Youtube partnership.


Catie playfully singing “Friday” over Tinychat

More of Catie singing

Catie at Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom Vallejo CA 2010. Skip to 2:57 to see her or see this shortened version for maximum Catie.

“Get mad, Catie”

Condensed versions of Boxxy videos

Condensed versions of Boxxy videos:

Foar Everywun frum Boxxy condensed into 3 minutes and subtitles added:

(Original here) (full captions/subtitles)

In November 2011 I also did the same thing with “Foar Addi” (Link to youtube video). I left it unlisted in Youtube because I don’t care for how it seems to have ruined the Boxxiness.

Foar Svetlana frum Boxxy condensed into 90 seconds by Vendercraft:

(Original here) (full captions / subtitles)

Won’t the Real Boxxy Please Stand Up

I made a Boxxy remix video to the song “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem. This is called “Won’t the Real Boxxy Please Stand Up.”

The song by Eminem:

The source videos:
Foar Addi and Foar Ant from boxxybabee
Karaoke lyrics from agneelaut

Update 12/23/2011 – I released another Catie / Eminem video today.

How I found my first Boxxy video

Hi, my name is David and before July August 2011 I had never heard of Boxxy.  Now I run this Boxxy website.

Before then, I may have seen some compilation youtube videos such as 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 4 Minutes which “My Name is Boxxy” is the very first thing in the video, just that I didn’t notice before.

I have been an occasional visitor to the site (no Boxxy there) where funny and cool videos are posted regularly with the occasional cute kitty or puppy video, and the commentators are all trolls sometimes trying to say clever things but usually just saying “first”. I often saw the comment, “Did he died?”  I was curious why so many different people using bad grammar were saying the same thing.  What is the source?  I wanted to know what that meme was; I just had never heard the word “Meme” before.

So I went to my good friend Google to search for it, the first result:  I read about it, learned about memes, and saw the line there that said, “Part of a series on Trolling.”

On the Trolling page, I saw this line:
Boxxy is widely considered an ‘accidental troll’, containing many features of a troll but without the purposefulness and true intent needed to make her an actual troll.

I was intrigued, thinking, Who is Boxxy and what do they mean by ‘accidental troll’?  That’s when on that page I saw the my first video featuring Boxxy:

The first thing I noticed: the still-frame, the excess eyeliner and the way she had her head tilted, and how cute she looked.  Then saw video of her talking, like all over the place.  This chick is pretty weird.  I liked how she moved her jaw to the side when she talked, and I noticed how bright her eye-whites seemed to be in relation to her eyeliner.  Plus I learned about the Boxxy situation where she had been hiding from the internet.  Intriguing.  That’s when I found Foar Everywun Frum Boxxy on her channel Boxxybabee which at the time had been recently returned to her.’

With all the people mimicking her, such as boxxyakamoldybread (I’ve never found out who this is) who she points out in Foar Everywun, and June (June’s channel), and then me being a Boxxy noob, and all the confusion of her account having been hacked, then her saying that the girl who hacked her ANewHopeee account looks very much like her (referring to herself as Svetlana).  At the time I thought she was referring to “Things are about to get intense“, also on AnewHopeee.  I did soon figure it is the same person in all these videos, despite many people believing her Svetlana rouse.

Catie reminded me of several different people.  In Foar Everywun, she reminded me of a pretty brunette actress I saw in several things about 10 years ago, one show being West WingI can’t remember who this actress is but Update Apr 29, 2016: it was probably Allison Janney that I was thinking of a couple of other people who remind me of that actress are Catherine Keener from “Being John Malkovich” and Aubrey Plaza.  Then in Foar Ant, Catie reminded me of Alyson Hannigan.  Someone else noticed the same thing.  As Svetlana, Catie was pretty well disguised.  As Catie in “Things are about to get Intense,” she looked totally different.

In addition, the fact that her new Boxxy video “Foar Svetlana” she was not looking and acting much like the 2008/2009 Boxxy.  She was trying too hard as if it wasn’t really the same person?  But really she was trying too hard to be like she was in 2009 before all the harassment ruined her life.

Then Calm Down Holden came out and she confirmed it was her in all those videos.  Some people are still skeptical.  She had yet another new look in this video as herself, not as Boxxy.  Since she is no longer any good at being like the old 2008/2009 Boxxy, I would not be too disappointed if she never plays Boxxy again, but I definitely want to see more videos of her being herself.  Some of the Boxxyness comes through when she gets excited in her 19th birthday videos.  After seeing all her videos multiple times and many of her pictures, I can now easily immediately recognize if a picture or video is of her or someone else trying to be her.  I’ll make another post later about imitators.  I made an earlier post describing why I know all the videos in the category “Catie’s original videos” are actuall of Catie.  (One observation being as I was writing the subtitles to her videos, that the things you normally don’t notice such as “uh, um, & but um yeah” are consistent in all her videos over the years.)