Subtitles to “Hey, make more videos” bus ride vlog-style video

Subtitiles to “the truth about vanity car mirrors” Special thanks to Mizugorou for transcribing this.

Oh, what’s this now? What could this possibly be? Could it possibly be a slightly upgraded shitty webcam?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it could be. Yeah, yeah, it is. So this is my new Mac webcam. It’s infinitely better than my old Toshiba webcam, so this is where my boring vlogs are gonna be from now on. Now, I say boring vlogs very specifically to me because when I make a video I try my very best to make it an interesting story or, you know, a skit or something and admittedly it doesn’t always work but I try, you know. I think it’s better than you know just making a habit out of sitting down in front of the webcam and being like “Well today I had a waffle for breakfast and then I went to the mall and there was this guy there and he was really really cute, but I didn’t talk to him or like get his number or anything cause that’d be crazy. But I totally looked at him and that was awesome”. Like, I don’t know, like to even imply that anyone gives a shit I think it’s vain and concieted so, you know, that’s hard for me, but I don’t want to let you guys down, so I did my very best to come up with the most interesting story that I could think of that’s happened to me as of late.
It’s really kinda more like a fun fact about myself, so let’s give it a try I guess. So I had this sort of weird phobia / anxiety about public transportation, because the majority of my life my mother drove me around and then you know I got my license so I can drive myself around but I never had my own car – I still don’t – and so when I started going to college out of high school; when I lived in the Sacramento area, I had to take the bus and the thing about buses is that, the bus drivers, ok bless their hearts, they they’re very particular because you know they’ve done these bus routes you know a thousand times, they do it all day every day and so they know what they’re doing and so when you get on their bus they expect you to know what you’re doing, but if you’re a first time bus rider you might not know what you’re doing because you have all of these things that they expect you to know like: how much to pay on that particular bus, when to get off, where you’re going, when you have to switch buses, what their what the end of their line is, you know things like that that you just might not know if you were never in a bus before and so it’s completely understandable, because they’ve done it a million times where they might, you know, be a little bit particular, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re
holding up their frikkin bus route man! It’s just, you know, so like I said, it’s explainable, but then I had these like anxietiy attacks when I go on to the bus and I give them two dollars and go to sit down and they’re like “It’s four dollars!” and I’m like “Oh god, I’m so sorry, it’s two dollars on the other bus” like, you know, it’s just like sad and so yeah that’s why that is so I still go to school but I still don’t have my own car like I said and so I take the bus and the other day I was going to the bus stop to go home and I saw it just making it to it’s bus stop and so I started running and you know I totally twisted my ankle but I kept going cause I’m a trooper ok and so but I just want to make this clear you guys I caught the bus ok I totally caught it!
It wasn’t like one of those scenarios in like a movie or cartoon where like the kid is like running to the bus stop and he’s like “Hey wait you guys! I didn’t miss it, I’m here!”. No it wasn’t like that. The bus was stationary and I was there being stationary with it, I totally caught it, ok? Ok.  So there, you know, like I said, it was the go- it’s the the go home bus and so there was a whole bunch of people going onto the back with like their clipper cards or something so lame and I could have snuck onto the bus with them but I didn’t because I’m a good person. I went to the front of the bus to pay my one dollar so there was two people in front of me and so they got onto the bus paid their you know money and then went in to sat down- to sit down hurr to sit down and so and so then I went to go I step onto the bus and then the bus lady just looked at me and closed the fucking door – she just closed it you guys! – and and that bus doesn’t- it only comes every once in a while, every 30 minutes or something like that and so I’m sitting in this freezing cold San Francisco weather like with no proper jacket cause I’m dumb cause I always wear cardigans everywhere because
this lady didn’t like I don’t know like my big front teeth or something and so you know I was just I mean I guess I was kinda good cause I was able to like read my book but the bus ride is like an hour anyway so I could have read it on the bus but instead I was freezing you know like I had to tell my friends “I’m not gonna make it to the beach” and they’re like “How long?” and i’m like “At least one hour and a half
depending on traffic” they’re like “Waaah”. So yeah, that’s that and I’m really sorry that it wasn’t as interesting as I’m sure you hoped it would be but I’ll try really hard to do better next time, I promise. I hope this wasn’t as awkward for you as it was for me. I’m sorry. I love you. Byyye.

“Hey, make more videos” – bus ride, vlog-style

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“well, you asked for it.”

Catie decides to make a vlog-type video talking about her experience riding a bus. Then the next day she goes and buys a car. Also skip ahead to see the bloopers reel. Subtitles available.

Boxxy tries to stay away from the internet

This takes place during most of the year 2009.

People are obsessed with Boxxy.  Hackers hack some of her various accounts such as her Youtube accounts boxxybabee (hacked Jan 18, 2009) and S4TISF4CTION.  Some obtain her dox (in-real-life name, phone number, address, etc.)  The hacker group who doesn’t like Boxxy decides to blackmail her, demanding that she not make another video.

At this point, she doesn’t make any more videos.  It was said Boxxy would return June 17.  Nobody knew it would be June 17 of 2011 when the Boxxy character would return.

Back to 2009 – This personal information was accidentally leaked to the public 4chan forums where there were a bunch of obsessed people that suddenly knew where she lived.  On top of that, some people sent Boxxy hateful videos threatening to come over and rape and murder her.  The leader of this anti-Boxxy group tried to take back his mistake and release false information to throw stalkers off the right trail, and also stage a DDOS attack on 4chan so nobody could read her real information.  However the damage was done.  4chan actually did go down for a few hours but later it came back up and the information was still there.  At this point everyone found out Boxxy’s real name was Catie Wayne.  Catie received phone calls from obsessed people who wanted to find out if that was really her, and people actually showed up at her doorstep looking for her.  It must have been a truly horrible situation for poor Catie.

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Catie tries to stay away from the internet for a while, and things start to die down for a while, but some people remain obsessed with Catie.  Sometime around spring or summer of 2009, someone discovered a couple of videos filmed April 2009, from Catie’s real life friends’ Facebook pages which Catie was in, refueling the Boxxy mania and Catie stalking.

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Catie being understandably freaked out, continues to refrain from posting videos on the internet.  Her online followers prophesize Boxxy’s return on June 17 2009.  Then again they prophesize her return on June 17, 2010.  It isn’t until Nov 25, 2010 that Catie opens the Youtube account ANewHopeee (ending with 3 e’s) and posts a video asking for her fans’ help getting her boxxybabee account back from the hackers.