Trailer to the new Boxxy movie

I wish this was going to be a real movie. The trailer makes it look like it will be awesome.

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Subtitles to Crazy stalker kid Caleb Robertson

This is what was said in the video recorded by Caleb Robertson.

Here it is, the capital ComedySportz match. There’s word that B will be performing. And, right in that door, . . . [can’t understand] I’ll start taping once she comes on stage, wherever it is, and yeah.

I’m in. There’s word the queen will be performing. In uh, half an hour before the show starts. So, she’ll be performing in half an hour, and you’ll be proud.

One minute till starting time.

Okay, so Boxxy’s dad threatened to kill me and I was escorted out. So, yeah, sorry guys. Um, I’m quite a bit of fail. I was a-yeah Boxxy’s dad threatened to kill me, and I’m like “Oh yeah, well try it.” And he’s like “Fine,” and he got me escorted out. So, that sucks. So, yeah. It’s bullshit.

Ok, here is the aftermath. Um and then I was like, Boxxy’s dad…. [can’t understand]
Boxxy’s dad threatened to kill me, I was escorted out, and then I walked home and like, I think Boxxy’s dad followed me home, because there was some guy following me the whole way home. And I’m freaked out now. I don’t know what to do. So like yeah, yeah. I didn’t get a chance to yell and stuff but like yeah.
I, right after I got out my camera to tape her um, I… The guy threatened to kill me, if I didn’t put the camera down and stuff, and then like got into a little argument, and like, and then like, I don’t know, I got escorted out, and like he followed me home. And he said he’s going to kill me. I don’t know what I’m going to do because like, yeah, he followed home. I don’t think he knows exactly where I live, because I ran home and I didn’t see him when I got to my house, but like I don’t know.
Freaked me out, so yeah. [can’t understand the rest]

Catie’s crazy stalker kid Caleb Robertson

Subtitles here.

There was this one kid, Caleb Aaron Robertson, who went to the same high school as Catie and also visited sites that talked about Boxxy a lot such as Unichan.

He tried to prove to Unichan, that he knew Catie and posted this video which he tried to video record one of Catie’s acting performances but instead had a run-in with Catie’s dad and had to leave. For his video, he claimed that Catie’s dad threatened to kill him and followed him to his house, but more recently admitted that he made that claim for the attention.

For a few years Caleb seems to have abandoned the online Boxxy scene and has stopped bugging/stalking Catie now that she has left to go to college, however earlier in 2012 he has returned to some of the Boxxy related websites and has been interacting with Catie’s fans.  At least he isn’t bothering Catie anymore.

Much of this information came from the Boxxy wikispaces page.

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It was originally recorded in January 2010, but removed and reposted to youtube on Feb 2, 2011.

Edit 11/2/2011 – See a comment on this page – someone corrected my misinformation, on Sep 1 2011 it had already been reposted before I reposted it here on Oct 1 2011.  Also made a few other corrections on this page.

Edit Oct 18 2012 – fact check, article corrections.  (It was previously thought Caleb had left the scene but more recently he has returned)

Edit Jan 16 2014 – This video has been complained about to youtube and youtube took it down. You now get the message: “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” The old youtube location