I’m fuckin’ magic dude – Parkour video

DaKineUpdate honored Boxxy with some parkour stunts to the tune of Danielson742‘s Boxxy song, “I’m Effin’ Magic Dude” song while wearing a Mooninites Ignignokt & Err t-shirt that says: “I’m Fuckin’ Magic Dude”

There’s somewhat of a story behind this.  A couple of guys named Chris Zambelis and Daniel made their “Amble in Powell Park” comedy video where Daniel had trouble climbing the fence and Chris magically ended up on the other side because he was Greek.

Catie, being Greek, watched it then made a funny video of her trying to climb a fence.  She coined the phrase, “I’m fuckin’ magic, dude” in this video.

A different Daniel remixed Catie’s video into an awesome song.

And finally a different Chris performed impressive parkour stunts on video to the music from Daniel’s remix, wearing a t-shirt with the same Mooninites characters from another couple of Boxxy videos (Foar Addi and Foar Everywun) plus a couple of Catie’s photos, except with the words “I’m Fuckin’ Magic Dude.”