Subtitles to RE:An Amble in Powell Park

This what Catie said in the RE:An Amble in Powell Park video.

Hi, my name is Catie.
I just finished watching the Amble in Powell Park video
for the first time in a really long time and I was renewed with the scene where Daniel was trying to climb the fence and Chris climbed the fence faster than he did, with a video camera in his hand.
It was amazing.
And when Daniel asked him how he got over there, he said it was because he was Greek.
I’m Greek, dude! I know, it freaked me out too.
Okay.  And so I’m Greek, and that means I can climb fences really fast too.  So I’m going to try to climb that fence over there, and it’s kinda dark, so I don’t think you can see it but it’s there.  And you’ll hear it, ’cause when I climb over that fence, it’s just gonna [smack]
It’s gonna be so fast and you’re going to hear the clang and it and ooh, I’m gonna get over there.  It’s gonna be fun and great.  And uh, it’s pretty bad-ass too.  So uh, this calls for a hat.
And here I go.
[run to fence]
Oh!  Jesus!  Uh!
[runs back to the camera]
Okay, so um, I can’t climb uh, them that fast, even though I’m Greek.  Uh, almost lost my hat there, but I’ll show you something I did do.
Um, okay, come on, let’s go. [runs back to fence with camera in hand]
I magically opened the door.  It was closed, like that.  And I – BAM – like tried to climb it and it opened.
I’m fuckin’ magic, dude.  I don’t care what you [say].

Someone designed a hat for sale based on this video that says: “It’s pretty badass too, so this calls for a hat!