Top 30 Boxxy remixes list

Ryanisme complied a list of his top 30 boxxy remixes.
From Ryan:

“In my opinion, some of these remixes are round the wrong way and some deserve to be higher up the list. However, we can agree that all 30 of these amazing masterpieces are awesome! ^.^”


30. Boxxy covers Eminem’s “My Name Is”
29. “Boxxy” or something… the Remix
28. “Boxxy, boxxy, boxxy” – “We fall down” Parody by Boxxy
27. Boxxy’s Invention 13
26. It’s So Long – Boxxy (remix)
25. All day long song – rapped and sung by Boxxy
24. Boxxybabee techno remix
23. Love and Trolls – Boxxy feat. Angry Ginger Kid remix
22. I Don’t Do Trolls – Boxxy remix
21. Willy Kenyon’s Boxxy Remix
20. My Name Is Boxxy Song #2 (autotune remix)
19. Its Been So Long Song – sung by Catie Wayne aka Boxxy
18. “I Am Boxxy You See Song” – sung by Boxxy
16. Groove Boxxy
15. BeatBoxxy (Fantapants Boxxy Mix)
14. Love and Trolls – Boxxy
13. Non-Elektro Boxx
12. Boxxy Electro-House Remix (Music HD Video)
11. Boxxy Disco Remix 2011 “I Saw What U Did There”
10. My Name Is Boxxy Song (HIGH QUALITY VERSION)
9. My Name is Autotune – EXTENDED MIX
8. I herd you liek Mooinites? (Boxxy remix video)
7. Songification: Foar Ant Frum Boxxy (Songified)
6. Haxxy Boxcore
5. Rammstein ft. Boxxy – Du Hast Troll (music video)
4. (Extended Version!!) “Foar Ant Frum Boxxy” – a groovy single by Boxxy
3. I’m Effin Magic Dude Song (sung by Catie Wayne AKA Boxxy)
2. “You See” sung by Boxxy (Extended Version!!)
1. Boxxy Songification: “No Words Foar Once”

The Remix Experts :

Megadeth425 –
RisumTeneatis –
Danielson742 –
Danielson742 (2) –
Projectnew001 –
HiDecibel –
djgruckey –
usunku –
BKokuOfficial –
Vendercraft –
DotstorRemix –
skittlesizzler –
fantapants –
deepfatfryed –
Fuckingmagicdude –
SooldierPL –
shizzmylove –
spazdor –
JBLanteigne –
AlexDoom –

Top 25 Boxxy remix countdown

Youtube user Vendercraft has posted a top 25 countdown of Boxxy remix videos:

Countdown results:

Remix videos

These are the better few of the many out there in my opinion.

I herd you like Mooninites? (Boxxy remix video) by JBLanteigne

“You See” sung by Boxxy (Extended Version!!) by danielson742

Boxxy Anthem Song (Improved Version) by danielson742

Foar Svetlana frum Boxxy remix by 6yaa

BOXX Life by dpritch16

Elektro Boxx by DWL1993
Look at all the awesome videos that mimic this one.


Non-Elektro Boxx by FuckingMagicDude

Got Popcorn Stuck in my Teeth by DWL1993

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