More good Boxxy remixes

Several of the Boxxy remix videos that I liked on Youtube have been removed, mostly by the person who uploaded the videos in the first place, but most of them are still there. Here are some of the better ones that are still there as of when I post this:

On June 28, 2011, Danielson742 made an audio only dance remix of his earlier Boxxy “You see” song.  On July 16, 2011, gabygirl9101 added matching remixed video to the dance remix song Danielson made.

Animated “You See” video on Danielson742’s channel, animated by Kevin Krust.

Boxxy covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ by jwagzzchrono


Boxxy’s Invention 13 by projectnew001

Fantapants Boxxy Mix: BeatBoxxy

Treasure Trove Cove by DemyGod

Rammstein ft. Boxxy by AlexDoom


Boxx of Roxx by DeDoubleYouEl from original song Rock turns to Water

Soccer: Boxxy Man by DemyGod

My Name Is Autotune Extended Mix by spazdor

Dubstep remix of Foar Svetlana by DotstorRemix

Boxxy wants you by MegerMayun1

With music: Hella Good by No Doubt

From iseeanything:

The song: