Dec 12, 2011 leaked videos

These are some of Catie’s videos that were leaked by RC on Dec 12, 2011, only hours after she came back for the first time in months and released some new content, “Meet 3v3!“.  Also see the photos that were leaked at the same time.

Catie asking Youtube to help her get her account Boxxybabee back and asking about Youtube partnership.


Catie playfully singing “Friday” over Tinychat

More of Catie singing

Catie at Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom Vallejo CA 2010. Skip to 2:57 to see her or see this shortened version for maximum Catie.

“Get mad, Catie”

Dec 12 2011 leaked photos

Not even hours after Catie’s Dec 11 2011 return, RC, who was formerly close to Catie, released these photos of Catie at some party or something.  Also see the videos leaked at the same time.

Update Jan 9, 2012 – I found out that the VOH Entertainment facebook page that contained all these pictures, shared the picture album with the catiexboxxy facebook page,that is how they were found.  They were not leaked as I previously thought.

Boxxy tries to stay away from the internet

This takes place during most of the year 2009.

People are obsessed with Boxxy.  Hackers hack some of her various accounts such as her Youtube accounts boxxybabee (hacked Jan 18, 2009) and S4TISF4CTION.  Some obtain her dox (in-real-life name, phone number, address, etc.)  The hacker group who doesn’t like Boxxy decides to blackmail her, demanding that she not make another video.

At this point, she doesn’t make any more videos.  It was said Boxxy would return June 17.  Nobody knew it would be June 17 of 2011 when the Boxxy character would return.

Back to 2009 – This personal information was accidentally leaked to the public 4chan forums where there were a bunch of obsessed people that suddenly knew where she lived.  On top of that, some people sent Boxxy hateful videos threatening to come over and rape and murder her.  The leader of this anti-Boxxy group tried to take back his mistake and release false information to throw stalkers off the right trail, and also stage a DDOS attack on 4chan so nobody could read her real information.  However the damage was done.  4chan actually did go down for a few hours but later it came back up and the information was still there.  At this point everyone found out Boxxy’s real name was Catie Wayne.  Catie received phone calls from obsessed people who wanted to find out if that was really her, and people actually showed up at her doorstep looking for her.  It must have been a truly horrible situation for poor Catie.

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Catie tries to stay away from the internet for a while, and things start to die down for a while, but some people remain obsessed with Catie.  Sometime around spring or summer of 2009, someone discovered a couple of videos filmed April 2009, from Catie’s real life friends’ Facebook pages which Catie was in, refueling the Boxxy mania and Catie stalking.

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Catie being understandably freaked out, continues to refrain from posting videos on the internet.  Her online followers prophesize Boxxy’s return on June 17 2009.  Then again they prophesize her return on June 17, 2010.  It isn’t until Nov 25, 2010 that Catie opens the Youtube account ANewHopeee (ending with 3 e’s) and posts a video asking for her fans’ help getting her boxxybabee account back from the hackers.