Catie at Comic Con in San Diego

Catie’s mom Lisa had made a post on the forum informing us of the last minute deal that Catie will be in San Diego to meet up with the producers of the movie The Chronicles of Rick Roll while they are there for Comic-Con 2012, but Catie will not be at Comic Con herself. Well more things change last minute and turns out she was there.  Here are some photo which the first one was posted to Twitter by the producers of the movie, the rest were posted by Lisa. Forum member Zeitgei5t from Brazil is there at Comic-Con and reports that the Rick Roll event which Catie is at is private.  Still super cool, he was probably in the same building with Catie at the same time. (Update: 7/16/2012 – It was a separate event from Comic-Con, just also in San Diego)

Update 7/16/2012 – The interview(s) are not yet available but here are some brief videos recorded during the picture taking at the Chronicles of Rick Roll preproduction party:

Update 8/13/2012 – The interview is here, I have made it the first video below:

Update 8/16/2012 – A 2nd interview has appeared, in 3D.

Update 8/21/2012 – The rest of the 3D interview is now available.

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Catie’s birthday

Catie’s 19th birthday was April 28, 2011.  Catie’s mom, Lisa, set up a PayPal account to take donations from her fans.  This was arranged on Catie’s official website. (You need a username to get anywhere there)

Lisa video recorded Catie opening the gifts bought from the donation money and uploaded these videos to her (Lisa’s) Youtube account, Boxxmommy.

Part 1:

By the way, the guy in the chair to the left of Catie, was her boyfriend at the time, and is known as “Chairguy”.

Part 2:

Part 3: