Questions & Answers video with Catie and Priyanka / Pocky

Priyanka (Pocky) comes over and

Catie and Pocky answers questions asked on the chan and forum from a few days ago. It is a multi-part video which [update 2/22/13: first two parts] are available so far.

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my friend priyanka (aka pocky) and i (aka boxxy) answer some of your pressing questions.

questions were asked at my website:

Catie & Pocky on a log

Subtitles for “Foar Pocky Frum Boxxy”

Subtitles to “Foar Pocky Frum Boxxy

Ok hi.  My name is Boxxy
And um today it is Valentime’s day yay!
Um and I just wanted to make a special video for my Valentine
and uh this – my Valentine this year is just the love of my life and cream in my coffee. And just th- pe- someone that I have loved since I was very small.
Pocky. uh But I bet I was misdirecting you just then.
Um, yeah. But my Valentine this year is Pocky. And um, it’s because uh, we have known each other since we were like {this big}. And um, and and and we’ve been best friends, um, since, you know – since since since since forever.
And and and we were always best friends from the very second, like there was never a time where it was like we were just friends, and then maybe better friends, and good friends, and then best friends.
No, it was like, the second we met each other, it was like [smack] BAM, best friends!

And um, she even, she even helped me pick out uh this shirt, uh for Valentine’s day
uh because I don’t, I I don’t know how to dress myself.
And um, and and so, and she helped me pick it out and we went shopping together.
And and that’s the greatest thing about having a best friend, is that no matter,
no matter what, if you could, you could be doing, you could be like, you know, skydiving,
or like, you know swimming, or just sitting around, and talking and chit-chatting
no matter what, you will have the best time of your life.
And and and that and that is makes best friends so special and I hope that everyone has the best friend that I do, and that it’s like, i- it’s like th- they never, they will never let you feel alone, and or unwanted, and and th- it’s just, it’s just irreplaceable. JUST IRREPLACEABLE that feeling.
And and it’s just it’s just the greatest most warmy fuzziest feeling in the entire world like uh
And and and uh it’s just so great um when we like when we hang out and it’s like, it’s like
JOKE! and it’s like JOKE and it’s like hahaha only it’s like real laughter.
Um eh bu, yeah cuz it’s like, I could like, we like call each other and she’s like
“Hey how are you?” And I’m like “Hey I’m fine, I love you.” And she’s like, “I love you too.
How what’s been going on?” And I’m like, “Nothing, I just got a new phone, it kinda looks like a hang-loose sign.”
And um, it-i-and and it’s like, you know, we, we, she, she teaches me, um lots of uh tricks
about like how to do my hair and stuff. And um, like, we we draw all the time, and um, we’re like we’re like, such hardcore bosses at Mario Party. Like there’s no, there’s no team like our team.
And and and we will annihilate you. And if you wanna be all like, “Well I wanna do Mario Party against you and Pocky.” And we’re all, we- we’ll be like, “Challenge accepted.” Because because there is, no one can beat us. We are amazing. And and and it’s it’s it’s like this unstoppable force of best-friendy love. And and and that’s that’s yeah. That’s why she’s my Valentine this year.
And every year. Because I love her so much. And I hope that there is never a day where I feel like I am without her because I love you so much Pocky. I hope that you know that. Because, because that I would feel like so sad if you didn’t know that. I would be all like… tear. And my face would be all stretched out like this and everything. It was so sad. But it’s not like that, because because you do, and we, and we love each other so much and so and so I love you Pocky, I love you.
Rawr-rarwr-rawr-rawr-rawr! I love you so much and I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentime day.


This is what Catie said in the FOAR ANT FUM BOXXY video.

Okay hi you guys, um okay, so my name is Boxxy. Um and I love a lot of people and so I decided that I was going to make videos for people and the first one was for my friend Admiral Awesome and now this one is for Ant! It’s not his Gaia name but he told me to call it Ant so *weird noise* it’s gonna be on his profile I’m sure, well maybe it won’t be so I’ll feel awkward if it isn’t, but you know, anyways.
Ummmmmmm, I have been friends with him for a while, I guess, um, not a very long time but a-a long enough time, and uh I think he was the first guy that i ever met on Gaia in my account and ummm, what else can I say about this wonderful guy?
He’s pretty interesting I’d say because he… just is and if you can take my word on it then you’re dumb. Anyways. Umm, he has a girlfriend. Oh my god I’m so excited! *excited noise* because between you and me he had the biggest crush on Pocky for like ever. They even like had like a thing going for a little while but it kinda ended I guess and I didn’t know it ended but it ended.
And um so now he has a girlfriend and I’m so happy for them. It’s like mmmwahh it makes it yyyewhhh, it’s so exciting.
And umm, oh my goodness okay and uh, he… has really interesting avatars… they’re always wearing skirts and stuff and um yeah.
Oh! He was on 4chan with the clan of like, um, Ant and umm um Waffle and uh 4ddi and Vigo Suave, I think, I dunno and Tiago Costa I’m sure.
And I don’t really know Tiago Costa so you know, don’t kill me, please Tiago, if you, like, you know… want to, please don’t. Cause I love you. You just don’t know it yet. And um is that even how you say the name Tiago, like Tiago, Tiágo. Tiágo wawaa, anyways.
Umm, so uh, me and him don’t really know each other that well, we should talk more please, Ant, um, cause I love you even though you don’t really know it. But I bet you do now! *excited noise* and ummm sooo uh, he has… a girlfriend! AHH! He also has a penis. Which is why he has a girlfriend AHHH! And ummm let’s see here, ummm, he has an interesting Youtube account, that reminds, yeah okay.
His youtube is so funny, I like laugh every time I watch his videos, they’re hilarious. And sooo… I should… I’m gonna do something one second you guys, okay. Gimme a second.
I LOVE ANTHONY! *holds up drawing* Yeah that’s it, okay. Bye you guys. Thanks for watching this and by the way, Ant, I love you, you – you have to know that because I do! I just, I totally love you, so much. Okay Bye Ant!


This is what Catie said in the FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY video.  Shortened version with subtitles here.

OK hi. So, my name is Boxxy and um it’s been a while since I made a new video. So I decided that because of recent events uh, I could make a new video. And um, so yeah so let’s just start off by getting a couple things straight.
Uhh, I don’t do drugs… mm mmh! No, I know that you all think that I do drugs, but, I don’t, actually. And I actually don’t have ADD either, ahh hehehehehe, which is funny to me. Ummmm yeah.
And then another one would be ummm. I provided you with a couple different pictures. Ummmm ahh such as like, like the one where I’m like mmm and it says, “i see what you did thar.” And like and and then like you peoples were all like, “YOU IS TROLLIN!” and I was like “I AM NOT TROLLING!! I AM BOXXY! YOU SEE! Mm!”
And like um and so then ahh and there was another one where I was like, “Mmm,” and um I didn’t have any eyeliner on, which you edited a couple of different times. And then there was the one where I held up a sign and it said “Boxxy plus Pocky equals LOVE,” and that’s true, it’s a very true statement, I love her. And umm and then uhh, bup bup buhbuuh.
OH there was another one that um, that I actually didn’t post… but umm… it’s out there… cuz uh some of you guys found it, and I’m all like crafty. And uhm and it’s one where I like have a sign and I’m like “ihh” and it says several different things such as like I love mmm-chan, and stuff and umm it actually never said that, it said I love uh, Moochan, which is one of my old Gaia buddies.
Uhh oh, by the way, I’m not a Gaiafag anymore, I moved on to bigger and better things, such as umm, things that I mentioned in another video that got me in trouble in the first place, ehah!

Ahh, trolls! Trolls, this is my only account and um, and and it’s boxxybabee with two e’s and other people, like um like boxxyakamoldybread — she’s a failure Troll! TRAWLL! I can’t believe you guys believe that! Who actually talks like that?! Not ME!
Umm… and, so, yeah, and um, let’s see here. And then, um, um I was in a thread and uh this guy was like, “Boxxy, I would sing Hey Jude to you, put in Across the Universe.” And I was like, “I love that movie!” because I do! Have you ever seen that movie? It’s like AMAZING, it’s like BEATLES and like um, and so then um I uh I just wanted to say to that kid who wanted to watch Across the Universe with me, uh that I love you, and I want to hold your hand.
And uh also um, my husband, Sheldon, “hello! Mmm!” And, and uh Brandon, I guess, I don’t even know who you are, exactly.
Uhbubububuuh, my hair got longer, you guys. I’m actually thinking about cutting it… I dunno.
But umm, let’s see here ahh, soo, I had a lot of replies from like my videos. Or, not a lot I guess, that’s a little… much I guess. But um, this one kid, uh he remixed all a lot of my videos, and they were so cool, and his name was GastricPenguin… and he was SO funny. He like mixed it and stuff, ahehe, and I was like “ohhho” the first time I saw it. I was- Oh my god I had a heart attack, I was like oh my god. And um, uh, mmm, I dunno. What else is there to say?
Uh Steve. Steve, the guy who sat for like six minutes straight addressing me in a serious tone? Uh, thank you, I suppose. Um, but uh yeah, this, uh you know, I don’t think I should answer. Because, what- what if I told you, it would ruin the mystique, you guys?
Umm, and then um, bubububuuuuh, I dunno, really, huh.
I haven’t worn makeup in a really long time you guys, actually. Um, I because I stopped wearing it, because it’s a really big pain the butt to apply every single morning. And I’m like urr hurrhurr, and um and now I’m just like mascara and like I’m good to go.
Ummmm yeah, and uh so IIIII love you guys, a lot. Like really like, like, like, rawrawrawrawr status, like seriously like rah, and um, that’s about it. Mmm byeee.


but it’s really for YOU.
you know who you are.

Catie at age 16 uploaded this video to her new Youtube channel boxxybabee on Jan 9, 2009. Subtitles here.  Shortened video with subtitles here.

She mentions these photos, also laughs at one of the very first Boxxy remix video made by GastricPenguin.

Another video was made that explains what she was talking about here.



boxxybabe: ILUBBY, plusplus, you owe me so bad

boxxybabee: i still love you bby: ;3

Catie uploaded this video on Jan 3, 2008 at age 15. Subtitles here.


boxxybabe: I LOVE ANTHONY

boxxybabee: i guess you don’t owe me anymore, but youkow. :3

Catie uploaded this video on Jan 6, 2008 at age 15. This video is sometimes referred to as “white shirt Boxxy.”  Subtitles here.

These 2 videos sat in Catie’s Youtube channel “boxxybabe” (with one e), for a long time, barely noticed, until it went viral when someone posted the FOAR 4DD1 video to on Dec 27, 2008, and then ended it up on 4chan.

This account was later deleted by Catie when she understandably freaked out over all the attention.

On Jan 7 2009, she posted a couple of photos to 4chan to prove she’s back on the internet and not just another troll on 4chan.  On Jan 8, 2009, she uploaded these 2 videos to her new official Youtube channel boxxybabee (with 2 e’s).  This is another account she later lost to hackers but then in July 2011 she finally got back.

On Jan 9, 2008, she posted the famous FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY video.