Boxxy Sphere Community chatrooms

If you want to get to know members of the community, the “sphere” or “Boxxysphere” / “Boxxosphere” as it were, there are several good ways.

On this particular blog post, I’ll focus on the chatrooms.

  1. IRC.  Old one registered June 30, 2012. New one launched Feb 24, 2013 run by KernelPone, myself, CommVenus, and Marklar.  At almost all times I am present in the IRC channel in some form or other.
  2. Visit the tinychat room boxxytruth.  It is a room where a lot of people from the dark side of the sphere hang out.  It is actually a lot nicer there than uni is, maybe because of the non-anonymity?
  3. The alternate tinychat room boxxyunion.  These rooms often have “directory” turned on so on occasion there are a lot of tinychat users in the room that don’t know who Boxxy is and/or get spam from people using tinychat spam bots.
  4. There is the official tinychat room of the forum.  It’s name is not published in the tinychat directory and has strict rules.  If you want to join, you have to be signed in using a tinychat account and you need to be well enough known on the forum or IRC for the moderators to recognize you otherwise you may be banned as soon as you enter.

What is Tinychat you ask?  It is a website that lets you get in chatrooms where up to 12 users at a time can get on camera & microphone, or just text chat like most do.  You don’t have to create an account, just pick a name when you join.  (except in certain rooms where they ban you for not being signed in)

What is IRC and how do I use it?  IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. (Wikipedia) It is a technology that has been in use on the internet years before the first web browser was invented.  Anyway if you have an IRC client program such as Hexchat already installed, you can follow this link to get to the Boxxy IRC channel: irc:// or manually enter IRC server:, ports: 6667 then join the channel: #boxxy or you can do it the easy way, by going straight there right in your web browser and picking a nickname: or as a backup:  Registering is optional.
All the information about this new IRC network is at  Also a page here about it

Come, stop by to say hi to other Boxxy fans in any of these chat rooms.