Why is there always a cat on the chair?

Svetlana makes a cat video and gives some sad news about Lulu. “My home video/my sad news. ”

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I’m sure she will be missed. Love, Svetlana © 2009-2012 Catie Wayne (ANewHopeee/Boxxybabee/bodaciousboxxy)

Trailer to the new Boxxy movie

I wish this was going to be a real movie. The trailer makes it look like it will be awesome.

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Top 25 Boxxy remix countdown

Youtube user Vendercraft has posted a top 25 countdown of Boxxy remix videos:

Countdown results:

Boxxy is not a fake

Even after Catie posted the video Calm down Holden to explain things for those who were still confused, there were still people who thought that one or more video currently on one of Catie’s 3 official channels are fake.  So I’m here to fight disinformation with facts that can be easily checked by anyone so they can make up their minds on their own.

If you are reading this, you probably have seen all of Catie/Boxxy’s official videos plus a small portion of the many remix videos out there on Youtube.  But if you haven’t watched all of Boxxy’s official videos, I suggest you do, in order either before or after reading the rest of this, to be best informed.  The most convenient way to watch all official videos in order, is go to the Catie official videos category, scroll down to FOAR 4DDI FRUM BOXXY & FOAR ANT FUM BOXXY, watch those 2 videos, and work your way up to the top of the page.

I will admit, I may not have all my facts straight, so I encourage you to look at the information on the other Boxxy websites.  The links are on the right-side sidebar.

Okay, so Catie had the youtube channel S4TISF4CTION and boxxybabe (with one e).  In January 2009 when Boxxy videos became popular (and became unpopular to others), Catie shut down boxxybabe out of fear of the situation, hackers, stalkers, and all.  Then she must have decided to put them back up.  Youtube never allows someone to open an account with the same name as an account that has existed before, so she used the name boxxybabee with 2 e’s.

Both S4TISF4CTION and boxxybabee got hacked in Jan 2009.  She still hasn’t gotten S4TISF4CTION back, and probably never will.  It only had 2 videos which never were insanely popular like the Boxxy videos.  If you look at the S4TISF4CTION account, you will see that the only Youtube channels who S4TISF4CTION are subscribed to are the other accounts of the hackers who hacked her accounts.  Anon77, gastricpenguin, Zarithas, and Eyrev1.

By Nov 2010, Catie wanted her boxxybabee account back.  She created ANewHopeee, asked her fans to help get Youtube to get her account back to her, but you can not see her well enough to tell that it is her, and can hear her speaking from a script she wrote.  (subtitles)  So, none of the uh’s, um’s, ah’s, but uh yeah’s, and stutters that are littered throughout all of her other videos.  The kinds of things that you tend to not hear when you are just listening to what she has to say.  Some new account was created with one video in it; why should anyone consider this was really Boxxy as was claimed in the video?  These photos are why.

She uploads Things are about to get Intense on January 10 2011 to ANewHopeee Youtube channel, appearing on a lower resolution webcam, and for the first time, as Catie not as Boxxy.  A lot of people don’t think this person is the same as the older Boxxy videos.  Listen carefully to the way she talks, read the subtitles, you can tell it’s her.

The third video appears on ANewHopeee (subtitles), this time with a girl with a blond wig and a different accent, claiming she hacked into ANewHopeee’s youtube account.  It’s a good disguise but you can tell by the way she talks, that this is the same person.

Another account is created called bodaciousboxxy, and only one video exists on this account.  It is Boxxy making her first appearance as Boxxy in almost 2.5 years.  She must want to keep the Boxxy videos separate from the Catie videos, but boxxybabee is still under control by the hackers.  She is totally different than the 2009 Boxxy.  She’s older, has gained a little weight, more lighting in the video, her personality is different, and she is talking really fast, and is trying too hard to be the Boxxy she used to be.  But to me, I can tell it is still obviously the same person.  Since this is in HD, you can compare some of her facial features to old photos, and that she has the same trouble with um’s, uh’s, stutters, and things like that.  She further confuses people saying to Svetlana that ANewHopeee isn’t her, when in reality that is her as Svetlana and as Catie in Things are about to get intense.

A commentary about this confusion:

After this, she finally gets her boxxybabee account back.  She links all 3 accounts together on Youtube, puts a copyright notice in the description of each video in all 3 channels boxxybabee, ANewHopeee, and bodaciousboxxy, and reuploads the Boxxy return video “FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY“, this time to the boxxybabee account.  And finally since some people are still confused, uploaded the video of Catie explaining it, on Catie’s now main channel ANewHopeee.  (subtitles).  Obviously the same person for the same reasons above.

Subtitles to Wassupp

This is what was said by Svetlana (Catie) in Wassupp.

Lulu.  Lulu get down.  Get down from the chair, Lulu.  Um, get down.  Hey!  Lulu!  Get down.  Mou.  Moumoumoumoumou.  Mou.  You brat.
Okay, what’s up guys?  Um, so, my name is Svetlana, I know that a lot of you probably have never heard of me because let’s face it, there are a million girls on the inter-nets.  Um, but I’m here to tell you uh, that one girl that has gotten attention for some reason, um is actually, a giant um, well how we say uh, B with an itch, huh! Okay.
Um, and uh, I will tell why because I used to have a class with her, um this, this, this Boxxy girl.  And um, and and she was sitting with her with her friend, her guy friend, I don’t think they were dating; they couldn’t have been.  But um, and so uh, uh she called him a name, and it, and it was the, the meaner name of, of queer, which is, queer is mean enough.  It’s just mean enough, okay?.  Like there’s no reason to go around calling people, like, you know – and so, and so then, I was like, “I, I just,” you know, I just wanted to, to enlighten her and I said like, “Hey, it’s not nice to call people that.”  And it was like, …
What the hell?  Oh my god, my nail fell off.  ???? They have bu…  Uh. Can’t believe  I paid like 7 dollars for this ???? don’t even work.
Okay, whatever, um, I couldn’t get my nails to stick.  Um, so I’m just going to do whatever – hi Lu – Lulu – okay.
Oh – Lulu, n-now’s not a good time I’m making a-oh, okay, yes, you are very cu-oh Lulu.  Lulu.  Lulu I am making a Youtube video, Lulu.  Oh, okay, Lu-Lulu is going to sit on my lap.
Um, this is, this is Lulu.  “Hello.  I am pain in butt sometime.”  Yes.
Um, but anyways, so, I was like, “Hey, it is not nice to call people that.”  And, and then she was like, “Oh, no, it’s okay.  He’s really gay.”
[look of disgust]
Okay like, first of all, whatever you wanna do in YOUR bedroom, that is your business. You not need to share it with the rest of the world.  That’s just gross.  Okay?  Like, uh!  Really.
And, but I mean, uh but uh, like obviously, she already called this person this mean name, so why should I believe her?  You know?  And so I lean over to him and I say, “Is that true?  Area you really gay?”  And he said “Yeah.”  And then I was like, uhhh!  Like uh!  Like really?  Do you need to share that with people?  Like, uh. Whatever.
And so then, um, but, you know, I, I needed to tell him because you know, like, like God intended for man and woman to be together, not man and man, not woman and woman, and so I, I, t- I tell him, I say, um, I leaned over and I tell him, “Hey you know that God wants you to love women.”  I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. I just wanted to tell him, you know?  And um, so then he like, was like, “whatever.”  And then she like got, like all in my face like, seriously.
And it was really offensive to me, because she was like calling me all kinds of mean names that I did not deserve to be called.  And she was like talking about how, you know, men and men can get, should be able to get married if they want to.  And men, men, men.  But it’s like, you know what?  It was Adam and Eve.  Not Adam and Steve.  Am I right?  Yes.  Okay.
So, it’s like your argument, uh, is is, is invalid.  Okay,  ‘Cause ’cause ’cause whatever you say, you are not listening to God and, and what He wants.  So, you know whatever.  Uh.
Because, uh.  It’s like, it’s just, it’s just wrong, you know?  Because it’s like, uh, it’s like, it’s like, sure, maybe people should able to do what makes them happy, but just because, like, my neighbor is like a serial killer, like he shouldn’t get to kill people just because it makes him happy.  Right?
Like that’s just, that’s just it.  Like, like that’s wrong.  I think we all can agree that serial killing -and- i-i-it’s wrong.  Same with molestation.  It’s wrong.  And just because it makes someone happy doesn’t make it right.  I think I’ve made my point.
That’s all.  So I just thought that all her “thousands of fans” would want to know, that… the sweet little Boxxy you know, “Okay hi, my name’s Boxxy, hududu, huhuhu,” like really, is like a giant ho. I went there.  And I’m not coming back.
Lulu.  Lulu?  What are you doing, Lulu?  He’s just sitting there.  You hearing this, Lulu?  [sniffle]  Oh, I have to sneeze. [sniffle]  Eh.  Oh.  God, I hate that.  You know when like, when you reall- you like have to sneeze and it’s like stuck right there.  And um [sniffle] and then and then you like go to sneeze, you’re like ready, and you like accept it, and then and then and then, it just goes away.  Uh, I hate that.
That’s basically all I had to say…  Okay.  Peace out.


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I just wanted to let you guys know what kind of person “Boxxy” really is.
I hacked her account, whatever.

Posted on April 1, 2011 to Catie’s Youtube channel, ANewHopeee. Subtitles here.  Apparently an April fool’s joke of some kind.

Catie, age 18, puts on a show for us Youtubers.  She puts on a Blond wig, a fake mole, wears her makeup differently, dresses differently, talks differently, and acts completely the opposite of Boxxy.  If I didn’t know it was her, I would not have known she was Catie.  Apparently, she fooled a lot of people into thinking that wasn’t her.

Update 11/9/2012: Svetlana returns.