2015 Fanboys Anonymous Internet Goddess Tournament

Two weeks ago, Fanboys Anonymous, a geek culture website, launched their 2nd Annual Internet Goddess Tournament. The tournament pits 32 women of the internet into deadly one on one battles, until only one remains to receive the title of “Internet Goddess”. By deadly battle, I mean that fans vote on their favorite, with the winner advancing to the next round. I am of course writing about this because Catie Wayne is one of the participants. In fact, she is the current reigning Goddess as she won the first tournament. Dave wrote about it last year. She received a plaque for the win, but has unfortunately never posted a picture of her holding it.

Here is the article Fanboys Anonymous wrote about Catie’s win. 2014 Internet Goddess Winner

Catie’s first opponent this year is a YouTuber and Viner by the name of Gabbie. Her YouTube channel is The Gabbie Show. Catie is currently winning this round with a score of 195 – 117 (63% of the votes). The poll should be closing soon, so Catie will definitely be advancing to the next round where she will most likely be facing her good friend Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices). Looks like Catie’s other good friend, Laina Morris (Overly Attached Girlfriend), will also be advancing. Laina is currently beating Collen Ballinger, who nearly beat Catie last year in the semi-finals. If Laina wins all her matches, she would face Catie in the semi-finals (because we all know Catie will win her matches).

Something that I find a little interesting in these match ups are the vote totals. Catie’s match up has a current total of 312 votes, but the other 7 match ups going on right now have less than 25 votes. This was a common thing last year as well. Most match ups were getting a fraction of the votes to what Catie and her opponents were receiving. Gabbie is one of the lesser known people in these 8 matches. Why does she have so many votes? Is it a coincidence that Catie keeps facing people who have many fans participating, or do her opponents get large totals because of an anti-Catie vote?

Catie’s match against Brizzy will probably start in two weeks. These past two weeks has been the first half of the tournament bracket and I think the other half starts today. I’ll continue updating this post with news and links as they become available.

Update: Round 2, has been in progress since May 18, Catie vs Brizzy.

Catie in the 2014 Fanboys Anonymous Internet Goddess Award Tournament

Catie needs your support here.

It is the 2014 Internet Goddess Award tournamentCatie has made it to round 4. ** Edit: Catie won the tournament, see below.

Round 1 Catie beat Chet Siegel with 97% of the votes.

Ro.und 2 Catie beat Lindsey Stirling with 83% of the votes.

Round 3 Catie beat Taylor Davis with 65% of the votes.

Round 4 Catie is currently beating Colleen Ballinger with only 52% of 1361 votes.

** Edit: 3 hours later: Catie has 55% of the 1562 votes.

** Edit: 11 hours later: THANK YOU EVERYONE! Catie currently has 66% of the 2247 votes!

** Edit: the next day: Catie still had 66% of the votes earlier today, but now she has 50% of 4259.  Votes are desperately needed again!  Please help!

Edit: Mar 22 2014 – Catie won round 4 with 59% of the votes!  It was close and there were over 16000 votes counted.  She has advanced onto the finals that are supposedly open, but the polling software has changed and is currently not working.

Internet Goddess Tournament Round 4

Please, go vote for Catie right now before round 4 is over.

Edit: The final round.

Edit: Catie won the entire tournament with 66% of the votes.  Congratulations to Catie!

I will make one final edit when Catie sends in a picture with the plaque in-hand.


Catie Wayne_tournament

The winning announcement was made during Chris Dace’s live podcast on April 2; a recording of it can be found here; it is set to skip ahead to 16 minutes in where the announcement is made.