Vidcon 2015 and Vine

Ms. Catie Wayne will be attending Vidcon 2015 in just 2 weeks. Vidcon will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California; right across the street from Disneyland. The convention starts on Thursaday July 23 and ends on Saturday July 25. Tickets are $150 and must be bought online.

Unlike last year where Catie was a Vidcon guest, she will be a regular attendee this year. That means she will not be in any panels nor have an autograph signing. She does however love meeting and interacting with her fans, so if you are attending Vidcon and you see her, feel free to approach her and ask for a hug, picture, and/or autograph. If you want an autograph from her, you may want to carry a sharpie with you. She might already have one on her, but you should have one yourself in case she does not.

She had a public meet up last year with the Animalist crew. An Animalist meet up won’t be happening this year since they are no longer around, but Catie is planning on having a meet up or two. I asked on her forum if she was going to do a public meet up and she responded with: I was planning on it, but I wasn’t sure when. Probably on Saturday and Sunday at some point. I’ll announce it pretty soon.”

I’ll update this post when she makes that information known. She will most likely have the meet ups outside the convention center, so if you live in southern California and are able to get to the Disneyland area, you can meet Catie without having to pay the $150 for a Vidcon pass.

Here are a couple of videos from last year’s Animalist meet up.


In other news, Catie recently joined Vine. She has not yet posted anything on there, but follow her if you want to be notified when she does start using it. Catie’s Vine page

Vidcon 2014

Vidcon 2014 is starting today, Thursday June 26 2014 and Catie is there

I am also here at Vidcon and I will get to meet Catie and I plan on providing pictures and videos. Here is a review of videos found from last year’s Vidcon that I had added subtitles to months ago but never put it online until now:

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^ vidcon 2013 ^

If you have trouble viewing it, try it from the dropbox link.

Update 7/2/2014: Vidcon 2014 was great! I met Catie and other good friends from Catie’s fandom community for the first time, and had a blast. Numerous pictures and videos to be posted here probably by the end of the weekend. Group photo already shown below.

Vidcon 2014 meetup

Below: “Suddenly a Star” panel at Vidcon, featuring Catie, Rebecca Black, John Cozart / Paint, Laina Morris / Overly Attached Girlfriend, Sara Maria Forsberg / Smoukahontas, Colleen Ballinger / Miranda Sings, GloZell Green, and moderated by Petar Mandich.

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Twitter & VidCon 2013

On June 6 2013, Catie started using Twitter again.  (She had an account by the same name before but that was closed due to inactivity, that is a story for another time.)  This time she is actually using Twitter in a useful way: from her smartphone.

Yesterday she flew to Anaheim to attend VidCon 2013.  Lots of people are recognizing her there and every so often, they will post a pic with her to twitter and Catie will retweet it.