Youtube editing tutorial

Have you wondered how many of the remix videos were made?  Well here is a tutorial to guide you through some parts of this process.

First of all, I’ll assume you have chosen a source video that came from YouTube.  Step one: You need to save that video to your hard drive to begin editing it.  Here’s how:

Visit the PwnYouTube site and look for the bookmarklet link.

See the embedded video above for these instructions.  After you have the link bookmarked, go to the youtube page of the video you need to save.  In the example in the above embedded instructional video, I used one of my favorite Boxxy remix videos by Danielson742  While that page is loaded, go to the bookmarklet you saved.  It won’t do anything useful if you aren’t on a video page.  At the top of the page some options will pop up with a yellow background.  MP4 is the recommended format to get.  You should get the highest quality MP4 available.  Right click the link to the MP4 on the top and save it to your hard drive.

Step Two: Using an NLE (non-linear editor) video editing program such as Sony Vegas to modify your video.

See the 2nd part of the embedded video above to guide you through using text media in Sony Vegas (Only available for Windows).  The concepts are the same among most NLE video editing programs, so you can teach yourself how to do this kind of stuff in other programs based on how it works in Vegas.

You can download an unrestricted 30 day trial of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 to see how well it will work for you.  A Sony Vegas review.

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